Sunshine Muffins: Gluten Free

Last weekend I added some apricots to cornmeal muffins.  I enjoy    creating muffin recipes, a healthy treat for the grandchildren. Muffins are so easy to make.  These muffins were moist and tasty–they were a hit on Easter Sunday. Here is the recipe. First prepare the apricots. Simmer one cup of dried apricots in a… Continue reading Sunshine Muffins: Gluten Free

A Primitive Path at Tent Rock National Park

We visited Tent Rock National Park in New Mexico. I was easy to see how the park had gotten its name.   A rocky trail weaves through   narrow canyons and continues upward to the peak of the rock formations. A sign at the beginning of the trail was accurate—as we found out. We climbed,… Continue reading A Primitive Path at Tent Rock National Park

Easter: A New Covenant

  Memories of the week leading up to Easter stretch back into my childhood. I was blessed to grow up in a home where we read the Bible and attended church regularly. Like any family we had problems, but the foundation for my faith developed from hearing the Word of God. In past years I… Continue reading Easter: A New Covenant

Review of Latest Mitford Book

As we drove across the plains of northern Texas we were listening to a book on CDs. John McDough was bringing the characters in Come Rain or Come Shine to life. The book, written by Jan Karon, is the latest in the Mitford series. I have read all the books in the Mitford series, but… Continue reading Review of Latest Mitford Book

It’s About Religious Freedom

On Monday night our PBS station aired a documentary about Pope John Paul II. As I watched I was remembering the discussions that I had with my daughter about the Theology of the Body (writings by Pope John Paul II). Julia was attending Marquette University and was introduced to the Theology of the Body, God’s design… Continue reading It’s About Religious Freedom

Bright Colors in Albuquerque

We visited the Botanical Gardens in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   The   viola (or johnny jump ups) were blooming. In the conservatory, a Mediterranean flower exhibit was a vivid mix of bright colors.   Taking a walk through a neighborhood I saw this cross on a door. It is a reminder that we are in… Continue reading Bright Colors in Albuquerque

Solving Social Problems or Shining Light in a Dark World?

Every summer I visit Calumet, Michigan. At one time it was the center of the copper boom with a growing immigrant population. Both of my grandfathers emigrated from Finland and worked in the copper mines. I know that Calumet had many bars to serve the immigrant workers. So it is with interest that I am… Continue reading Solving Social Problems or Shining Light in a Dark World?

Daffodils, Crocuses, Flowering Rosemary, Oh My!

Spring is coming to the southern states. I am enjoying the colors that are brightening the landscape. And I wish rosemary grew as abundantly at my home as it does in New Mexico!      Linking with Friendship Friday,  A Little R & R,  Seasons, Tuesdays with a Twist , the Homemaking Party and Sue’s Wordless Wednesday

Covenant in the Bible and Perspectives on the Family

This month our women’s Bible study is beginning a study of the covenants recorded in the Bible.  Chapter 17 of Genesis records the covenant God made with Abram and Sarai. With the establishment of the covenant God changed their names to Abraham and Sarah. Having recently been in the New Testament it brings to mind… Continue reading Covenant in the Bible and Perspectives on the Family

It’s March and Spring is Coming!

It is March 1st and spring is coming. The temperatures are still up and down, but I am beginning to have garden thoughts.  I am looking      forward to seeing the blooms from the bulbs I planted last fall. The delight offered by gardens has been expressed over hundreds of years. I have collected… Continue reading It’s March and Spring is Coming!