Deep and Time Honored Messages of Hope

In the past few months my husband and I have been worshipping on Sunday mornings with a church plant. We gather in a room of a nearby hotel. The musically talented members of our group lead the singing. Sometimes our singing is accompanied by keyboard, by violin or acapella. We have sung some of the… Continue reading Deep and Time Honored Messages of Hope

Every Baby is Valuable

My daughter gave me the book, The Strange Case of Dr. Couney: How a Mysterious European Showman Saved thousands of American Babies. The cover of the book suited the title. The book is an attempt to follow the life and work of a man credited with saving the life of premature babies in the beginning… Continue reading Every Baby is Valuable

Experiencing the Goodness of Marriage

Thanksgiving is approaching and I have begun some early preparations. Our family has a favorite cornbread dressing, but it is a complicated and time-consuming recipe. I have made it ahead. While in the kitchen I have been thinking about many blessings in my life, especially one. I am thankful for my husband. We have been… Continue reading Experiencing the Goodness of Marriage

Should We Fear the Measles?

News reports about the measles are appearing in several states including Michigan and New York. The tone of the reports is fearful. It urges everyone to be sure they have been vaccinated . . . unless they were born before 1957. Everyone born before 1957 is assumed to have natural immunity. I had the measles… Continue reading Should We Fear the Measles?

Pray for Our Elected Officials

Whew, the election is over. The mood in our country has been intense. For the first time I went door to door, passing out flyers, in support of my state representative. Now there is time to pause and reflect. People have many different burdens and concerns. Many are hurting. We are all sinners in need… Continue reading Pray for Our Elected Officials