Living Word

In A.D. 64 the apostle Paul was in prison in Rome. The Emperor Nero was persecuting Christians and Paul was facing execution. It is hard to imagine being in these circumstances. What would I do? Paul wrote a letter to Timothy whom he loved like a son. He gave instructions for going forward in faith.… Continue reading Living Word

My Finnish Grandmother Was a Copper Country Woman

At the beginning of the twentieth century my grandmother immigrated to a mining town in Upper Michigan, from Finland. She married a copper miner in the Copper Country. Long after my grandmother passed away I learned about the miner’s strike and a disaster that killed 73 people, most of them children, most of them Finnish.… Continue reading My Finnish Grandmother Was a Copper Country Woman

The March for Life and the President

Over the years I have attended the March for Life in Palatine and in Chicago. I have paid attention to social media accounts of the March for Life in Washington D.C. Despite the thousands of young adults and families who have turned out year after year, the coverage by the main stream media has been… Continue reading The March for Life and the President

What Do We Tell the Children?

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my grandchildren. I was happy to join the family for dinner. As we were eating dinner the second grader said, “We might be having world war three.” “Why do you say that?” I asked. “A boy in my class said that.” The granddaughter who is in middle school said,… Continue reading What Do We Tell the Children?

Family Fun in Missouri

Between Christmas and the beginning of the new year our family had a mini vacation in St. Charles, Missouri. It was such a pleasure to have our children and their families altogether for a few days. The nine grandchildren enjoyed time with their cousins. We learned that Lewis and Clark left from St. Charles for… Continue reading Family Fun in Missouri