Respect in Marriage

Marriage is a refining relationship, My husband and I are in our 44th year of marriage. We have had low points and high points. A number of years ago we read the book, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, with our small group. The book gave me pause. I understood the importance of love in… Continue reading Respect in Marriage

Nine Tips for a Young Woman

Flowers photographed in Israel

As a mom, grandmother and nurse What advice would I give to a young woman? Learn about life practices that support your health: nutrition, exercise, rest. Pay attention to the rhythm of your body, because your cycles give insight into your health. Don’t share your body intimately with a young man outside of marriage. Sex… Continue reading Nine Tips for a Young Woman

Joy in the Garden

It is a challenge to grow plants from seed, but there is a reward. I am delighted by Heirloom Bells of Ireland. This is the first year I have successfully grown them. As I walked around watering plants I noticed the first calendula bloom. This heirloom tomato plant is growing tomatoes in a bunch. What… Continue reading Joy in the Garden

Smiles Behind the Mask

Our library is open again! Yesterday I picked out a stack of books and a few DVDs. When I went to the desk to check out, the librarian commented on my stack. “Ah.looks like you are catching up on reading.” And I responded, “Actually I had a couple thicks books on my shelf that I… Continue reading Smiles Behind the Mask