When Pain Leads to Prayer

After Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden God said, I will greatly increase your pain in childbearing; withpain you will give birth to children. Genesis 3:16 Was this a punishment or a way of reminding Eve to seek God’s help? In my own life, periods of suffering have motivated me to communicate with God. When… Continue reading When Pain Leads to Prayer

Memorable Books that I read in 2018

The local libraries are a wonderful resource. Many of the books I have read this year were from the library. Others I purchased or received as gifts. Here are some that were enlightening, thought provoking or an engaging read. Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia Dr. Dunlop explains the progression of the disease along… Continue reading Memorable Books that I read in 2018

Jesus and the Family

This advent season we have attended beautiful concerts. Our grandchildren participated in a Christmas program at their church. The fours & fives sang Away in a Manger. Older children read scripture and sang additional Christmas carols. Advent is a time to share the celebration of Christ’s birth with others.  I have been writing Christmas cards… Continue reading Jesus and the Family