Healthy Birth Practices

With all my heart I believe that God has gifted women in being able to carry a pregnancy, give birth and nurture children. God has healthy guidelines in the Bible and He holds the timing of conception.

 I wil praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; you works are wonderful, I know that full well.     Psalm 139: 14

As a labor/birth nurse I have seen how medical technology has changed the perspective on birth. Our culture is dependent on technology and has lost sight of the amazing design of a woman’s body. As we look at women’s health from the perspective of lifetime health we need to pay attention to the side effects and consequences of interventions that are “quick fixes”.

The emphasis on controlling fertility, controlling the day of delivery, controlling pain gets in the way of appreciating the way God has made women. I am not against pain medication given in a timely fashion but I am concerned about the over-emphasis on pain control. The body has natural endorphins that are sufficient for some women.

As a nurse I have a perspective that stretches over years of experience and study. I want to help women see the beauty of their body. God has infinite wisdom in the way he has designed us. Doctors can provide amazing interventions when complications occur, but the healthy functions of our bodies just need to be supported.

My passion is to help women see the strength and giftedness that God has provided for them to become mothers. My prayer is that God will give me gracious words that encourage and build up young women.


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