My Novel: Aliisa’s Letter

At the beginning of the twentieth century most babies were born at home. By the 1950s most births in the United States took place in hospitals. In the 21st century, childbirth has become increasingly technological and dependent on aggressive management by obstetricians.

Another change at the beginning of the 21st century is the expanding availability of abortion with the use of abortion pills. In my novel I explore these changes, setting the action in Chicago and northern Michigan.

Aliisa's Letter Cover

The story of a contemporary nurse (Karin) is intertwined with the story of a young woman (Aliisa) who immigrated from Finland in the early 1900s. The world has changed but the two woman share common human experiences.

Aliisa's Letter

If you live in the United States you can purchase a signed copy of Aliisa’s Letter for $15.99, postage included.
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2 Comments on “My Novel: Aliisa’s Letter

  1. Hi Carol!

    My name is Lainey Gooby. I am Jeanne and Frank’s daughter-in-law (they go to your church). Jeanne sent me your information to check out your blog! I am 29 weeks pregnant and we recently transferred care from the hospital to our local Birth Center. I will have a midwife “catch” my baby and we are hoping to have a water birth. I went from fearing the birth process to being really excited about it. I always knew that being in a hospital for this birth is not what I wanted but I didn’t really know why. I’ve done a ton of reading about different “protocol” in the hospital in comparison to a new movement back toward all things “natural.” I know my body is capable to do this and I am really excited about meeting our little man. I really loved the article you wrote about Jesus’ birth here on your blog. Thanks for that insightful perspective.

    Just wanted to say hi!

    1. Hi Lainey,

      I am so glad you visited and left a comment. This is an exciting time as your baby grows and you anticipate birth.On the sideboard of my blog is a menu list. Under Healthy Birth Practices I have some articles that might interest you. My oldest daughter had a home birth. My younger daughter had a health issue that led her to having a hospital birth. In both cases prenatal classes and lots of communication were beneficial–and having a good support person.

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