Waiting for Labor to Start

Although waiting for labor to begin has emotional challenges, it is worthwhile. When my daughter’s pregnancy reached 40 weeks gestation, various signs of impending labor had come and gone.  This was her third pregnancy.

Two days past her due date contractions started.  My husband and I came to her home with our overnight bags.   We were excited and prepared for the event. But the contractions stopped.  It was a tease.

The following day she had an appointment with her caregiver.  The baby’s heart rate was healthy.  Everything checked out normal.  But the question “when is labor going to start?” remained unanswered.

This is a vulnerable time for a woman.  If a doctor suggests inducing labor, a woman might easily say yes.  Some doctors have said to their patients,”If you go past your due date, I can’t guarantee that your baby will be okay.”  A woman can be frightened into accepting induction of labor.  At this point a pregnant woman needs to be checked and if everything is normal, she needs to be reassured.

In my daughter’s case, she trusted her body to begin labor.  As she waited she took walks and rested.  She ate good meals and drank raspberry leaf tea.  She had a salad with romaine lettuce and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing (reputed to help the onset of labor).

My husband and I entertained our grandchildren.  We were in a family holding pattern.  Our daughter and son-in-law appreciated our support.  We prayed for the safe and healthy birth of the baby.

Four days after her due date she had light and irregular contractions. Early the next morning she was in active labor.  After 5 hours of strong contractions she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  It was an un-medicated, safe and healthy birth.  Our new granddaughter was alert, gazing at her mom and dad.  She was eager to breast feed.  The wait was worthwhile!



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