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Welcome to my blog. The title of my blog refers to the family and the role that women have in nurturing the next generation. I like to share what I have learned about health and home

Here is a little about me. I am married to strong man, dedicated to supporting me and our family. My heritage is Finnish. My maternal grandmother and paternal great grandparents immigrated from Finland.

My husband is Dutch; his father immigrated from Holland as a child.  We have grown in our love for each other over the past 40 years.   We have three living children and a son in heaven. We have been blessed with seven grandchildren.


As a nurse I have worked in every aspect of maternity care. I have been a labor/delivery nurse for hospitals, a neonatal intensive care nurse, Lamaze instructor, home birth nurse and mother/baby nurse. I have had a front seat in seeing God’s design for new life.

My relationship with Jesus is an integral part of my life. During the two years that our son battled leukemia God gave us strength. When our faith faltered God brought people into our life that walked with us through the difficult days. We have experienced God’s love.

Throughout my life I have spent summer vacations in the Keweenaw peninsula of Michigan. Michigan people tend to view the lower Michigan as a mitten and upper Michigan as a rabbit. Well, the Keweenaw peninsula is located in the tip of the rabbit’s ear. If you look at a map with a little imagination you will see what I mean.

Michigan Map


I have developed a love of nature (and berries) from this piece of Michigan that is surrounded by Lake Superior. The sound of waves crashing on the shore, wind in the trees, hikes in the forest, wild berries, and the dark night sky sprinkled with millions of stars have imprinted the joy of God’s creation in my heart.

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7 thoughts on “About Carol”

  1. Carol,
    Hello! Little did I realize that, while at VCB, I was in the presence of a fellow U.P. resident: I’m from Houghton. A mutual friend of ours has brought your blog to my attention, and I very much enjoyed reading about you and your journey and am looking forward to reading your blog, having subscribed via email. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family on your journey.

  2. Carol, thanks for visiting my blog today! You have led (and are leading) an interesting life. I will have to look up more about your novel.
    I agree that the Keweenaw Peninsula is beautiful. We visited Copper Harbor area one year, and I have always hoped to return someday.

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