Forgiven, Healed and Redeemed

For the past month I have been studying the book of Leviticus. It is a study of God’s holiness and his plan to redeem mankind. The sacrifices and offerings that God required of Israel point to man’s sin and the need for payment in blood. Sinful man cannot approach God. Psalm 15 raises these questions.… Continue reading Forgiven, Healed and Redeemed

Why Study the Book of Leviticus?

The book chosen for our Tuesday morning Bible study is Leviticus. Yes, Leviticus. The over arching theme, above all the sacrifices and laws for food, is God’s holiness. God is holy and human kind is prone to sin. Yet, the Israelites were instructed to be holy. For I am the Lord who brought you up… Continue reading Why Study the Book of Leviticus?