The Cherry Tree and Martin Luther: Life Lessons

My husband has offered to cut the cherry tree down. Several times. I was thrilled when the tree offered a bountiful harvest of cherries, sweet with a little tartness. Then came the year of brown rot and mold. We spent a week picking all the rotten fruit and cleaning up the mess.  Another year a… Continue reading The Cherry Tree and Martin Luther: Life Lessons

The Cost of Steadfast Convictions

Faith and Thanksgiving

When I read the prompt for Five Minute Friday today, I immediately thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who wrote the book, The Cost of Discipleship. His life portrayed the cost of his convictions. I have read Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas and more recently My Dearest Dietrich by Amanda Barratt. Both books describe… Continue reading The Cost of Steadfast Convictions

American History: Revive Us

This past week my husband and I attended Revive Us, a live event at theaters. As a part of the presentation Kirk Cameron and Eric Metaxas took us to Independence hall in Philadelphia, where our nation began. Our founding fathers understood the importance of faith in God in the pursuit of liberty. On March 23,… Continue reading American History: Revive Us