Bethlehem and the Women

The account in the Bible of Naomi & Ruth and Elizabeth & Mary is a wonderful part of the Christmas story. The friendship of women and the mentoring of young women by older women is apparent. Because of Naomi, Ruth came to Israel. We have a glimpse into their relationship in the book of Ruth.… Continue reading Bethlehem and the Women

Two Women

The Bible records episodes in the lives of families. It is amazing the genealogy that is maintained in detail. The lives of two women mentioned in Matthew 1:5 intersect in a fascinating way. Rahab and Ruth left their country and culture because the were attentive to God’s work in the world. They were drawn to… Continue reading Two Women

Naomi and Ruth: Perseverance of Faith and Love

The book of Ruth has many insights into a life of faith. When our Bible study group read the first chapter together one evening I was struck by the part that Naomi played in Ruth’s pursuit of knowing God. Our study leader suggested that we imagine what Ruth might have said about her decision to… Continue reading Naomi and Ruth: Perseverance of Faith and Love