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A Favorite Spice: Cardamom

When I was growing up, we usually had cardamom in the house—a spice necessary for a Finnish coffee bread, nisu. On special occasions my mother made nisu, and eventually I learned to make it.

Cardamom grows only in tropical and subtropical zones. It is curious that it is a popular spice in Finland. Cardamom seeds develop in pods and are shades of brown, irregular shaped.

Lately, only the pods of cardamon have been available at my local store. So, I have been harvesting the seeds from the pods. It is a bit tedious, but I need a supply of cardamom. I enjoy the lovely scent of cardamom as I harvest the seeds.

I like to have cardamom on hand for baking, but also for making coffee. When I put coffee beans in the coffee grinder, I add 1/8 tsp. cardamom seeds and a pinch of salt. It gives the coffee a lovely flavor!

It was nice to find this Finnish recipe for nisu on-line. Coffee and nisu, a Finnish treat!

Cardamom in seed form, pods, and ground powder is available at Mountain Rose Herbs.

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  1. I started discovering cardamom a few years ago when I experimented with a couple of Indian dishes. How interesting to learn that it’s an important ingredient in Finland! I like your tip of adding it to coffee and will try that. Visiting from ST&F today.

      1. I love to add a tiny bit of cardamom to muffins and quick breads but never thought of adding it to coffee. I do sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg over my coffee grounds before brewing so will have to try cardamom tomorrow morning!

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