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A Book Review: The President’s Wife

Tracy Enerson Wood takes us back to 1915 in her novel, the President’s Wife. The book tells the story of Edith Galt’s marriage to President Woodrow Wilson. The wedding takes place during his first term in office. It was a bit of a scandal for the President to remarry so soon after the death of his first wife.

The author shows the romantic side of Woodrow Wilson (based on letters he wrote to Edith) and the very practical nature of Edith. She becomes a good sounding board for the President.

Edith became a partner with the President during a critical time for the United States. The United States was making decisions about involvement in WWI. She was included in meetings at the White house and during travel to Europe for meetings with Allies.

In 1919 Woodrow Wilson suffered a major stroke. What was Edith’s role? She was in a situation that had never before occurred during a president’s term.

The book is a well researched novel and was an interesting read. I enjoyed the insights into the White House and the politics during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. 

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