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In My Garden: Heirloom Tomatoes and Herbs

It is still the month of May and my tomato plants have flowers! I enjoy the heirloom varieties and now save seeds from one year to the next. I started my seeds indoors at the beginning of April. My granddaughter took over the care of the plants when we traveled, putting the plants outdoors during the day as weather allowed and bringing them in at night.

Sun gold and Brandywine

The above plants are Sun Gold and Brandywine, planted in large pots. I also have Cherokee, Moskovich, Stupich and San Marzano in the garden.

Some of the herbs are perennials in my yard; the annual herbs are in pots.

Thyme and sage are flowering now. I also have lemon balm, mint and lavender.

In the above picture, several types of basil, rosemary and marjoram.

Something is eating my dill. My guess is that the birds are the culprit.

Mary at Mary’s Heirloom Seeds has an interesting article on companion planting. She has a paragraph on herbs that are good companions with tomatoes. You can read it here. I’m going to plant some borage by the tomato plants.

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