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Book Review: The Resistance Girl

During WWII Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany. Like many occupied countries, there was a resistance movement. Mandy Robotham has written a historical fiction book, The Resistance Girl, based on events that took place during that time.

The main character, Rumi, is a young woman who is the daughter of a fisherman. The boat or trawler is used to convey messages and resources to resistance workers.

Another thread in the narrative is the story of Lebensborn, the maternity homes established by the Nazis. Rumi’s friend is pregnant and in one of the maternity homes. The program was developed by the Nazis to procreate Aryan children for the Reich. 

It is hard to read about the terrible things that happened in WWII, and yet we can learn from history. 

The story is gripping and, I appreciated Rebotham’s insights as a midwife. In the course of the story two births take place. The strong bond of mother and infant is clearly described as the women struggle to keep their infants.

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