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Vaccine Research and Abortion

In 2015 I wrote about vaccines developed from developing babies that were aborted. This type of research has been going on for as long as abortion was legal, as I learned. I came across a link to a Finnish research article that detailed experimentation with live fetuses during abortions. This research was done with the support of the Wistar Institute in Pennsylvania. At the time abortion was not legal in all the states in the U.S.

I have edited and updated portions of my previous blog post.

Timo Vesikari wrote about his participation in vaccine development in an article titled, “From Rubella to Rotavirus, and Beyond”.* Here is an excerpt from the abstract:

Next, in late 1966, I was incredibly lucky to meet Antti Vaheri (later Professor of Virology) who had just returned to Finland from the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia with all the latest knowledge in rubella research. . . . Live attenuated rubella vaccines were being developed and the leading candidate was HP-77 high passage virus from NIH. An important open question was whether the live attenuated vaccine would cross placenta same way as wild type rubella virus. The crucial study was to be done in Finland, away from potentially damaging publicity in the US, with Dr. Fred Robbins, a Nobel Laureate, as godfather of the project. Under the seniors I was to do much of the work: vaccinate pregnant women prescreened to be seronegative for rubella and scheduled to have a legal abortion a week or two later. The plan was to isolate rubella (vaccine) virus from the products of conception [the baby] and, in fact, we succeeded in doing that.

Vaccine research continues. According to a table that is available here, twenty-one vaccines indicate a line of fetal cells in their preparation. The terms that identify a line of fetal cells, from individual fetuses are: WI-38, MRC-5, HEK-293, PER C6, Procell92, RA273. I believe that it takes experiments from many abortions to achieve one line of live cells.

I am not against scientific research that provides medical treatment, but we need to have boundaries on what is ethical. We shouldn’t be killing children of the next generation to provide vaccines that may or may not prevent an infectious disease. They may have more risk than benefit because no long-term studies have been done.

In 2023 a new book addressing vaccines was published. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brian Hooker, PhD wrote Vax-Unvax. The book addresses the huge increase in childhood vaccines and the lack of long-term studies. It covers studies that look at the health of children who have not been vaccinated v. children vaccinated according to the CDC schedule of childhood vaccines (28 in the first year).

The book is endorsed by Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr.Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Thomas as well as journalists who have studied this issue.

We know from undercover videos that Planned Parenthood supplies tissue, body parts from aborted babies to research centers. Is Planned Parenthood being paid? Does this practice drive support for abortion? Is there a link between the abortion industry and the pharmaceutical industry?

As a society we are paying a huge price to save some lives while we extinguish others.

For more about the MMR vaccine (which contains the rubella portion derived from fetal cells), click here.

A new line of fetal cells for the purpose of making vaccines, has been developed from more abortions.  Click here.

*Vesikari, Timo, M.D., PhD., “From Rubella to Rotavirus and Beyond”, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapies, vol. 11, issue 6, 2015 pp. 1302-130

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