Are We Making Progress?

Perhaps you saw it in the news. Two people from the Students for Life organization were arrested last Saturday for writing with chalk on the side walk outside of a Planned Parenthood building in Washington D.C. What did they write? Preborn Black Lives Matter. Remember that the Mayor authorized the painting of Black Lives Matter… Continue reading Are We Making Progress?

When Health Care Becomes Perplexing

Health care was one of the top issues in the midterm elections. According to a letter that I received yesterday from the School of Nursing at the University of Michigan (my alma mater) : We grapple with the knowledge that the United States is the top spending country in health care but only ranked 34th… Continue reading When Health Care Becomes Perplexing

Crowds and the Confirmation Hearing

Senate confirmation hearings can be boring. Not the hearing for Judge Kavanaugh. While protests where taking place at the Capitol, groups of Students for Life were holding rallies across the country. I watched the confirmation hearing for an hour last week and witnessed the loud protests and interruptions that were taking place. Discussion, questions and… Continue reading Crowds and the Confirmation Hearing