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    The Joy of Springtime

    The rhythm that God has set in place give me a sense of stability and peace. He created days, nights, weeks and months.  And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and…

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    Seasons and Life: Gifts from God

    Have you heard this nursery rhyme?  Monday’s child is fair of faceTuesday’s child is full of graceWednesday’s child is full of woeThursday’s child has far to goFriday’s child is loving and givingSaturday’s child works hard for his livingAnd the child that is born on the Sabbath dayIs bonny and blithe,…

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    Lilac Bouquets

    The lilacs are in bloom and I enjoy arranging them in bouquets. My grandmother had lilac bushes and the one in my yard was a shoot that I transplanted. His tenderness in the springing grass, His beauty in the flowers, His living love in the sun above– all here, and…

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    The Color Red in Spring

    The robins are back Hopping across the green grass Displaying red breasts. While the cardinals Warble a sweet a melody Eluding my sight. High in tree branches This bird sings a song of joy To the Creator. Linking with Nature’s Notes,  Seasons and Sue’s Wordless Wednesday

  • Faith - Gardening

    It’s March and Spring is Coming!

    It is March 1st and spring is coming. The temperatures are still up and down, but I am beginning to have garden thoughts.  I am looking      forward to seeing the blooms from the bulbs I planted last fall. The delight offered by gardens has been expressed over hundreds…

  • Faith - Gardening

    Promise of Spring as Winter Approaches

    The mild fall that we have had has allowed me to spend more time in the yard. I have been planting and transplanting and raking leaves. My husband was working also, creating piles of branches. He has a chain saw and after he took down one tree he found lots…