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Calendula: A Flower and a Herb

Last week it was a treat to see trees in many shades of color in Upper Michigan. I was also delighted to see some flowers still in bloom—roses and calendula. 

Calendula is sunshine bright

It is also a useful herb. The dried petals of the flower have been called poor man’s saffron—it can be added to rice and baked goods.

According to The Complete Herb book by Jekka McVicar, calendula flowers contain antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties that promote healing.

I have steeped calendula flowers in water that has just boiled to make a tea that is soothing to mucous membranes. I have also made a salve from dried calendula flowers.

The flowers are easy to grow and the seeds are available for order online. A couple of the seed companies that I use are Mary’s Heirloom Seeds and also Pinetree Garden Seeds.

The flowers can come is a variety of shades of yellow and orange, but the leaves always look the same.

Orange Calendula

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Carol is a follower of Jesus and a wife, mom & grandma. She worked for many years as a childbirth nurse and prenatal educator. She recently retired from clinical work. She has written articles for nursing journals and devotionals. Her novel, Aliisa's Letter, was published in 2010 and she is currently working on another project.

5 Comments on “Calendula: A Flower and a Herb

  1. Carol, this is really interesting, I had no idea there are so many medical uses for this. It sure is a beautiful flower too.
    Thanks bunches for sharing this information with Sweet Tea & Friends this month dear friend.

    1. Spending time in nature, there is always opportunity to notice God’s creative work and give thanks! Thanks for visiting!

  2. A beautiful herb and quite useful. I enjoyed your post and was so happy to read you’re in Michigan. My sister and nephews live in greater Detroit area. God bless!

    1. I grew up in Detroit/Southfield and go to Upper Michigan a couple times a year, but I actually live in Illinois. Michigan has a place in my heart.

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