Calendula: A Flower and a Herb

Last week it was a treat to see trees in many shades of color in Upper Michigan. I was also delighted to see some flowers still in bloom—roses and calendula.  Calendula is sunshine bright It is also a useful herb. The dried petals of the flower have been called poor man’s saffron—it can be added… Continue reading Calendula: A Flower and a Herb

Herbs in the Garden: Nourishment and Remedies

Springtime brings warmer weather, more sunshine, blossoms on the trees and the beginning of a parade of flowers. One of my favorite activities is planting seeds and watching them germinate. Only God can package life in a tiny seed! A couple years ago I planted nettle seeds—a herb that I was familiar with as a… Continue reading Herbs in the Garden: Nourishment and Remedies

Calendula: A Healing Flower

In recent years I have been charmed by the benefits of a flower that has a long history. According to the Complete Herbal Book: This sunny little flower—the “merrybuds” of Shakespeare—was first used in Indian and Arabic cultures, before being “discovered” by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.* The medicinal qualities of calendula are listed: Calendula flowers… Continue reading Calendula: A Healing Flower