Seasons and Thyme
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Seasons and Thyme

When it snowed on Wednesday, I realized that the mild fall weather was turning towards winter. Thankfully I had brought my potted herbs indoors prior to the snow.

It is a blessing to have fresh herbs year around. I have a sunny bay window that is the perfect spot for parsley, rosemary and thyme.

Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme

Pinetree Garden seeds has a blog that gives information on growing herbs indoors. Click here to go to the site.

During my years as labor/delivery nurse and Lamaze instructor, I became interested in herbs. I came across the book, Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year by Susun Weed. I was not interested (actually opposed) to herbs used to stimulate abortion. Rather I was interested in the herbs that nourish women through the childbearing cycle. Raspberry leaf tea and nettle tea are beneficial for the minerals they provide.

Gradually I have expanded my use of herbs. Yesterday I added fresh thyme to the meatloaf that I made. According to The Complete Herb Book by Jekka McVicar, thyme is both an antiseptic and an aid to digestion. A tea made from thyme leaves with raw honey is good for a sore throat.

God has blessed us with a multitude of herbs—and many varieties of each herb.

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Carol is a follower of Jesus and a wife, mom & grandma. She worked for many years as a childbirth nurse and prenatal educator. She recently retired from clinical work. She has written articles for nursing journals and devotionals. Her novel, Aliisa's Letter, was published in 2010 and she is currently working on another project.

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  1. I am from North Joisy,
    shamed when I talk ’bout boids
    flying in the air above me,
    so what am I to do with oibs?
    Can I put ’em on a danger dog,
    or mix ’em in with disco fries?
    Maybe Taylor ham, right from the hog,
    is right where the oibs should lies?
    And just how is this gonna carry
    down in the neighborhood?
    That I like thyme and rosemary,
    and tradition ain’t no good?
    This won’t work, it’s time to quit,
    so take yer oibs, fuggetaboutit!

  2. I plant herbs in pots in the spring and can harvest throughout the summer. But we can’t bring indoors as we leave for a few months and the plants would die. It would be interesting to keep them though – especially the rosemary.

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